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Friday, February 10, 2012

Information about Hawaiian Luau

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By Ram Collins

Hawaiian vacation would never be complete without attending a luau. The word "Luau" really means a gathering or a festivity. Ancient Hawaiian culture luaus were arranged to celebrate the birth of a child or someone's wedding. Now-a-days it becomes a household name all across in Unites States. Generally when we visualize, a luau party comes to our mind as a fancy occasion of some cheap plastic lays and silly plastic tiki cups and with so much more fun.

The first type closely resembles that of the original type of luau. This is a private gathering of friends and family for a celebration. The second type of luau is a commercial luau open to the public and what we tourists typically visit. While in the state of Hawaii there will be many different luaus to choose from. They are basically all the same, with a few different high points. Arriving guests are greeted with a fresh flower leu. The entertainment is usually choreographed and top notch, complete with hula dancers and fire eaters. Sometimes the guests provide some of the entertainment themselves. It's always fun watching grown men wear hula skirts and try to learn this complicated dance. There are different options for food and drink as well. I myself prefer the open bar type. The food is usually a buffet, consisting of a roasted pig or perhaps some sort of roast beef, rice, and of course the Hawaiian staple...pineapple.

Here I will declare about some best known luaus and some best reputed places. In Maui the Old Lahaina Luau should never miss. It's the most terrible luau on this whole island. The luau dancers are really awesome along with the top food quality. Others are available in there are generally found at the resorts and the lack of practicality of Old Lahaina. People have to get their early reservation for this which can prove its popularity. I will take you to get your reservation before leaving for Hawaii.

There are surpluses of options to choose from when someone visits the big island. Kona town is very popular for the luau. King Kamehameha's Kona Beach Hotel greets with a shell lei greeting and a torch lighting ceremony. On the next morning the hotel staffs bury the pig in the sand and begin roasting in front of the quests.

Kaui Island also arranges some own luau. Radisson Kauai Beach Resort and the Kilohana Plantation both arrange nice luaus complete with open bars, fire eaters and of course, hula dancers.

Whatever island or islands you decide to visit in Hawaii Island you must enjoy a Hawaiian luau or your visit stays incomplete. Whatever is your main interest the hula dancers or the food a luau is always gives the guarantee of awesome pleasure.

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