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Monday, April 2, 2012

Holiday Nimbin Central NSW

Nimbin Rocks, near Nimbin NSW AustraliaNimbin Rocks, near Nimbin NSW Australia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
By Anton Maverick

Before 1973, the small city of Nimbin was exactly that and was the service centre for the local farming community. At this time two forces were in play, one being the overall general decline of the dairy farming industry in the area, together with the coming of the Age of Aquarius. The Aquarius Festival was held in 1973 at Nimbin and many alternative lifestylers and simply stayed on.

In those days, hippies and Combi lorries went together so driving with Campervan Hire Sydney, you can revisit the past and pretend to be a hippy looking for Nirvana. Nimbin used to be a traditional, rustic Australian hamlet, but the arrival of alternative lifestylers saw the key street and surrounding areas of the tiny town, take on a definite hallucinatory colour scheme.

There are still some original but aging hippies in Nimbin who continue to seek the meaning of life with Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds as well as other means. Some continue to live on communes in the close by countryside and some are working execs with well-established reputes in the city.

These days the entire wondrous poser tour ambience has changed into a visitor drawcard for Nimbin , as well as ageing hippies on a trip down memory lane and there are daily bus journeys to Nimbin and back, from Byron Bay. Nimbin also plays host to the Hemp Consulate and a Hippy Museum and these also do their bit for the local tourism industry.

Nimbin is also believed to be the resting place of the Rainbow Serpent and also hosts an alternative Mardi Gras Holiday yearly each May, with a Spring Humanities Holiday and the College of Arts Autumn Festival providing further cultural activities. There's also a regional goods and craft market every 3rd Sun. where you can get local arts and locally produced food.

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